Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammy Awards

Rarely, if ever, do I watch the Grammy Awards. However, last night I figured, "Why not." Well, I should have avoided them. Not because they were bad or weren't entertaining. I did receive both good moments of musical gifting and sadly a few more bad moments that killed the ears. Yet, the most memorable moment came when I was trying to figure out what MIA was wearing. WHAT THE HECK!!! Girl! You're 9 months pregnant!!! Wear something a little more.....fitting....appropriate....tasteful...something! She really looked like a pregnant lady bug minus the wings. And the guys sharing the stage with her showed class (a far cry from their bad boy image they portay in their music). She showed...almost everything. YIKES!

Okay, so some of the other things I caught, when looking up from what I was working on were the following.

The Jonas kids and Stevie Wonder. Stevie still sounds good. What possesed him to agree to collaborate with the kids though.

Neil Diamond is still doing music. They say he has new stuff. I don't believe them after this performance.

How does a marching band (USC) get into the Grammy's? And what was the lead singer for Radiohead actually saying. If one didn't know any better (and I don't) you'd think he didn't know the words.

I heard Travis Barker state that Blink 182 was getting back together. However, contrary to his band mates claim of their ability to rock, they play punk music. So wouldn't that be...never mind. I just am not thrilled like many others are.

The Blind Boys of Alabama deserve the lifetime achievment award they received. WOW!!! Their suits were...pimp worthy. Glad they do music and not pimp work.

I did see other things. Really, these were the most memorable for one with a short term memory. Next year, I just may forego the pangs of seeing pregnant women dance, old artists singing old songs while trying to dance, artists mumbling words, etc. Here's to wishing the Grammy's showed a few more presentations and fewer performances. Really...Justin Timberlake has had his day. Give recognition to some others through getting their awards (Toby Mac, MaryMary, Take 6, Beck, James Taylor to name a few) instead of what we got.

Good thing I'm only a voice and not an authority.

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