Sunday, July 8, 2012

Church Observation

I've grown up in the church. I've attended, visited and/or been a member of many churches over the years.

I grew up in the Nazarene church. After high school I went to an Assemblies of God church on Wednesdays and the Nazarene church on Sundays. Vacations to Wyoming usually meant church with my grandparents in a Baptist church. In Jacksonville we attended a community church.  My parents are currently attending a Missionary Alliance church.

Suffice it to say, I've seen and participated in many forms of worship. Even in the same denomination there is a large number of differences in how each church does church.  However, one thing I can say, without hesitation, and can almost say as a fact...

If you find yourself needing a little more exercise, or just need a place to work out while you worship, I suggest you attend a Pentecostal church. Be it an Assemblies, Four Square or a Community Church founded by an Assemblies type church. Why you ask. Because one can work up a sweat with all the dancing they do while singing.