Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm a Loser

The other night, my brother sent me a message on Facebook encouraging me to check his blog. He thought I would rather enjoy that days post. The topic of the day was music, and knowing my passion for music and being in the music industry, he would rather remind me to read the blog than me forget to check in on it. So, off to his blog I went.

I enjoyed the post. I chuckled at it (chuckle in an amused manner, not the funny ha, ha type). I again found it both thought provoking and well written. Definenately a post I could relate to. Its topic - pick an artist/band and provide answers to the questions using one song from that band/artist. And, you must do so by not repeating any of the songs. After reading the blog, I had two thoughts. First, gotta read to Janda as she may enjoy it. Second, I might have to do this at some point in time.

First thought of sharing with Janda was accomplished. I shared the half of the post with the Steve Taylor songs. I love Steve Taylor's music and the genius behind the sattire of the words. Janda isn't too appreciative, but shared with her none the less. When I was done reading the post to her, Ethan put his two cents in and boy did it cause me to think.

Being tired, on his way to bed and still bummed from his baseball teams loss, what he said was perfect. His words were minced in my head and I thought he was referring to the state of the teams loss. Nope! Below is the conversation.

Me: (reading from brothers blog to Janda) "My Motto" - Jesus is for Losers
Janda: "Okay"
M: "I like this and thought it was funny."
Ethan: (walking into room after giving us nigh nights) "I'm a LOSER!"
M: "Ethan, you're not a loser..."
E: "What? Isn't Jesus for me?"
M: " got me. And yes, you are right, Jesus is for you."
J: "Got you." (said as she laughs).

Lesson learned. Man, this boy is teaching me a lot over the last month. I love it and I am very proud of his maturation. Thanks kiddo.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shopping as a Tourist

So today I had one of those moments where I wanted to stop doing what I was doing, slap the person speaking, and then go back to my routine. Praise God! I did not do what my impulse was telling me to do.

Without getting into much detail, may I remind people that when you are a tourist in a city you have never visited, you typically desire to see as much as possible as well as get in a little shopping, especially if that is what the town is built around. Knowing this, when you take people to a town known for its shopping, don't complain when they want to shop.

Really people, can you think of nothing positive? You are in a town known for shopping!!! They are there to do what everyone else is doing - SHOP!!! And you are mad because they aren't doing what you "think" they should be doing - catering to you! They are the ones on vacation, not you! They are the ones who asked to go there, not you! This is their first trip to the shopping destination/tourist trap/beautiful city where as you are a days event away from this place. BIG DEAL!!!

I say, get over yourself, and let your guest do as they see fit. After all, it is their vacation!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Drive With Your Windows Up

I am recommending that all drivers pay attention to this blog. This only pertains to days where there are remains from a massive rain storm or large amounts of snow melt, either of which create really big puddles. Though there be no immenent danger if you don't heed my warning, I do feel it best that you at least consider the consequences of not listening.

I have a 2007 Chevy Avalanche. It is my toy. I enjoy mud, snow, puddles and anything else that could baptize the truck in messiness. Upon sight of large puddles, there seems to be a magnetic force drawing the truck towards said puddles. These puddles are of even more joy when the are a part of the street and no extra deviation from the street is needed. Hence the reason for my warning.

If you are approaching an intersection known for water collection, may I recommend that you at have your window rolled up. At the very least, don't attempt to traverse through the intersection (especially if you don't want to roll up the window) until oncoming traffic (or me in my truck) safely passes through the intersection. If in fact you enjoy your window being rolled down, and you see a vehicle (or a Chevy Avalanche with me behind the wheel), and insist on passing oncoming traffic in the intersection with a very large puddle, rest assured - YOU WILL GET WET.

Again, this is only a suggestion and not mandated. However, if you do not believe me, just ask the poor lady who experienced a shower from my trucks....splash yesterday. Honestly, I had no idea her window was down until it was too late...way too late.