Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1 week later

It has been one full week since surgery. Sleep has never been as abundant as what it has been this past week. Pain meds have never been a friend of mine, even when they should have been. However, I am really liking them. That said, here are just a few observations from the past week.

1. This has been a great way to lose weight. Probably not the best or most desired method to lose the weight, but man it has been effective.

2. Silence may be golden, but truly is a pain in the butt when you do have something to say. Even worse when your kids are talking so much that you can't get a word in edge wise.

3. Never attempt to watch Jeff Dunham while not being able to speak or laugh easily. This is a feat that is impossible. I have tested and proven this theory. Trust me, you don't want to find out for yourself.

4. Lastly, I should have taken more pain meds sooner. Life would have been more interesting and I might have been able to provide a little more wisdom for someone.

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