Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hello! I have posted blogs on MySpace previously. However, my time on MySpace has been greatly reduced due to work load. However, I have no desire to stop writing. So, using Google as much as I do, and reading my brothers blog and a friends blog here on I figured I would streamline my computer time and make my return to blogging somewhat easier.

So, that said, today begins m return to blogging. Sadly, this blog isn't going to be very long. My only (and valid) excuse is my dependence and altered mental state from the drugs prescribed to me post surgery.

I feel fairly good. My throat does hurt...bad. Yet, the pain isn't as bad as anticipated, Granted, just over 24 hours have passed since surgery. I do expect the pain to get worse, but not too much worse.

Okay, so this is the end of the first "new" blog. I hope that the ones coming will be a little more coherent. In the meantime, go check out my brothers and friends blog. They are certainly better than mine.

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  1. There is always a beginning; somewhere, somehow, it comes around to influence us into setting new goals. I am glad to see this happening. This may just encourage me to begin to blog. Good luck sir, and thanks for continuing to use what you learned as a teenager in a classroom, it is proof that what you learn in a classroom is needed later in life. TM