Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have learned I should have stayed in the hotel today. Life would have been a little less painful had I done this.

Okay, so Janda and I are in Rapid City aending Wild West Winterfest with 12 of the youth kids from the church. I have been expecting a wonderful trip and move of God. And with any trip with the youth, at least one memorable moment happens.

Last night was exactly as I expected. God moved. He has healed people in the group already and I expect even greater things tonight.

Today the memorable portion of the trip happened. After breakfast we went to an amazing chocolate store. All but two kids had made their way with Janda to the van parked across the street. All of them were ready to go to the mall. The two still in the chocolate store took a few extra minutes to make last second purchases. After the had paid for their desired purchase (one of them it was the third trip to the register) I began making the trek across the street to the van. Just two steps out of the store, one forgot her purchase at the register. Naturally, I kindly waited so she wouldn't have to walk to the van alone. That choice prove to be the fatal choice to any hope of a normal rest of the day.

As we began walking up a slight incline/decline walk in the parking lot of Pizza Hut (where van was parked) I began to slow my pace just a bit. The parking lot, though plowed of snow, was still fairly covered with the white stuff. Naturally, one would expect the potential for a slick spot or two whith these kind of conditions. And, being from Cheyenne I should know that there is going to be those spots. Well, being blonde apparently overtook my thought process. About 5 feet into the lot the memorable moment of the trip happened.

YES!!! I provided the memorable moment of the...trip. In seemingly slow motion, my right foot abandoned the pavement in a very unnatural way. My equalibrium was now absent. I then began to try and regain what apparent little balance I had. This attempt failed miserably. I now found myself falling to the ground with my entire right side in the air. In what felt like slow motion, taking an eternity, my robust body landed on a very cold and snow covered parking lot.

I began to laugh. The one student I was walking beside began to panic and asked, "Are you okay? Oh my gosh! Really, are you okay? Oh my gosh!!! Aaron, are you okay?" Then she began laughing. With both hands full and not wanting to place my chocolate or Blackberry phone on a snowy parking lot, I asked she take the chocolate and allow myself to get up off the ground. Now, as I begin getting up, I look to see how many in the van saw my act of instability. Indeed, it appeared that one, maybe two had seen my failed balet act. Yet, they definately saw me layin on the ground attempting to return to my feet. This was the moment that all of us found ourselves laughing.

I am glad to tell you that I am fine. My ability to laugh at myself definately came in handy. My leg still feels very cool. Although I am sore and slightly bruised, I am fine. If my hip still hurts come Monday, I may seek a professionals (doctors/xray) opinion. I'll let you know what happens. And yes, please enjoy a laugh on me.

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