Saturday, March 7, 2009

Moral Dilemma

Every once in a while I'm out and about in the evenings. And, when the family is with me, the radio station usually ends up on WAY-FM. Their evening program (6-10pm) is called Total Axxcess and is hosted by Wally. No last name, just Wally. The man good enough to go by one name.

I like Wally. He is funny, honest, insightful, fairly knowledgeable and every once in a while reflective. On a really god day, he is able to mix all of these traits into one topic. Tonight was that night. Upon hearing the topic of discussion, Janda and I laughed. Not that the topic was funny, but the presentation of the topic was great. So, please allow me to steal his question meant for fun and present you with a moral dilemma.

"If both of your parents wind up needing a kidney transplant at the same time and you are a match, which parent would you give your one available kidney to?"

Oh the family battles that could be waged based on this one decision. And not just potential negative battles, but also the positive ones of spouses sacrificing their lives for the other out of love.

So, what would you do?

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