Sunday, March 1, 2009

American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice

I'm not one to consider myself a reality junkie. As a matter of fact, the best reality shows I can think of are the ones that come in sport form. March Madness is quickly approaching. Spring ball is going strong and th NBA and NHL are nearing its completion in a couple months. However, for as much as I love those "reality" moments, there are two shows that I somehow always find myself entranced by - American Idol and Celebrity Apprenctice.

The two shows are a display in contrasting formats. One pits a bunch of unknowns together competing to make it big. The other pits those who have made it big competing for serious bucks for their charity. One, the contestants seek the adoration of America, the other seeking the Donald's good graces. Both shows eliminate contestants, one through fan voting, the other through a firing. Yet, despite these differences, I am noticing one similarity...a very LARGE similarity - EGO.

In the tryout portion of American Idol, people of all walks ar continually rejected despite their "talent" that is the best of all those trying out. It is their right to be on the show and the judges have just taken that right away from them. Who cares if the judges think they can't sing, they know they can and they will do everything to keep their dream of becoming rock stars alive.

Watch five minutes of Celebrity Apprentice and you'll soon see how big the ego's are on the show. Sure, these are individuals who have reached the pinnacle of their professions. Somewhere along the line they were able to take their talent and made money off of it. Put them in a situation where they have to work with others with as big an ego as theirs and spontaneous combustion will soon follow.

I love both shows. I don't agree with the ego's. Actually, I'm amused at the ego's. Real life application for the humble. In all you do, consider others first. Think highly of yourself, but think even more highly of others. When you are told you aren't the best, live with it. Sure, you may be good, but not every one is the best. And if you are good, keep doing good. You will be rewarded. What you sew you will reap. Realize that those criticizing you may actually know what they are talking about, be it Simon, The Donald or your boss.

One more thing, parents, be honest with your kids. If they can't sing, tell 'em and help them find another dream. If they can't play baseball, encourage them to try soccer, tennis or something else (chess if anything). As a parent, I want my kids to succeed. I want to see them trhive in something. Ethan is a good ball player but I realize he has a long way to go to be a great ball player. Rachel is becoming a good swimmer, but she needs more work to be a great swimmer. I'm not afraid to tell them as such either. And because of this, I'd like to think they respect me just a little for being honest with them.

For those with ego's, please leave them at the door when you come over to my place. I'm brazen enough to tell you the truth, you aren't the greatest thing walking the earth. That, and I hope to see you on TV one day making a complete fool of yourself (Bikini Girl and Andre Dice Clay) providing me with a few laughs.

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