Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Music Therapy

My entire life, music has been my therapy. Music has been there through Sunday School, high school, getting me through really boring moments of church services, my wedding, through watching my kids grow and just about every other part of life. Now is no different.

Music has the power to destroy or heal, cause to cry or laugh, and other mixed bags of cause/effect. Right now, this very second, it is music that is healing me and carrying me through the roughest spot of my life ( to catch up to speed on what my life entails). And, as I sit at work searching through years (and I have a lot of them) of music, I can't help but think, what song is helping you through your day/week/month/etc.?

Sorry, I can't even answer my own question, especially since I have diagnosed myself with Music ADD. Seriously, I can't make it through one rotation on a CD before I'm changing CD's (and yes, that includes the pre baseball game mix CD I made for Ethan).

Have a wonderful _____________ (fill in the blank as to what you want to have wonderful).

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