Sunday, December 19, 2010

Growing Kids

I am fearful! I'm also excited. I am currently a mix of the many emotions that every parent will go through as their kids grow up. And, as every parent navigates these times of child development, there are times where you chuckle, shake your head and ask, "Did that just happen?" Or, you stand up tall, stick the chest out and say, "That's my kid!" Well, I have experienced both of these in the last month, and that is just with Rachel.

Last month, out of the blue, Rachel announces to Janda that she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Knowing that she already wants to go to a hotel with some friends, swim and stay the night, Janda could only begin to imagine what she wanted to do. Well, the words spoken both surprised Janda and made her proud. Of all the things a soon to be 10 year old girl would want to do, she wants to be unselfish. She wants to give on her birthday. I won't go into details yet, just know that for a 10 year old to be to want to give for her birthday is indeed a miracle AND the moment I wanted to stick my chest out and say, "That's my kid!" And yes, the details of what she wants to do for her birthday will be posted sometime around January 1st, give or take a couple days.

Now, the moment in which caused fear, and the shaking of the head and asking, "Did that just happen" was in the early part of this passed week. Now, I know that my little darling girl will break many a hearts. And like any dad of a little girl, I also have a deep desire to lock her in her room until she is 30 (35 if I could get away with it). However, this moment had nothing to do with a boy...and I'm glad Janda is the one that she talked to about this...ummm...."problem". (Here is where you need to remember Rachel is turning 10 in FEBRUARY.) It seems Rachel is upset about development. After hearing a wonderful explanation from Janda, Rachel was less concerned about her rate of "maturity." For that, I am thankful. As for thoughts are as follows:

Now that Janda has convinced her she is NOT ready for boobs, am I? WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! I'm in no way ready for my little one to have boobs!!! Dear, God!!! HELP!!! Amen!

Give me a couple more days, and I MIGHT be ready to share about Ethan's moments.

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