Monday, April 10, 2017

Beautiful Daughter

Dear Beautiful Daughter,

The moment I laid eyes on you was the moment you had me wrapped around your little finger.  You knew my voice, but you were meeting me for the first time.  Your cry excited me knowing that I was going to hold you very soon.  That cry also scared me as I knew the world would soon come knocking.  But, at that moment nothing else mattered than hearing you cry, seeing your mom cry in joy, and knowing that you were mine.

As you grew you continued to have me wrapped around your little finger.  You would fall asleep on my chest, your eyes twinkled every time you looked in mine, and you would hold my hand every time we walked through the mall.  But it wasn't just me that you had wrapped around your little finger.  NO!  Your grandparents, those who baby sat you, your teachers...every one you came into contact with you stole their heart.

Why did you steal my heart?  Because you were you.  To this day you have no fear of people.  There is no person you won't talk to.  There isn't a friend you have never met.  This "no stranger" attitude has given you a beautiful soul.  So many wish they could talk to people the way you do.  So many wish they had the energy you do.  Sure, some will joke about you having too much energy, but in reality, one can never have too much energy.  And that energy is beautiful.  The fact you talk to everyone is scary at times, but it shows a love for them no matter what.  That love is beautiful.

Truth be told, you could be quiet every second of the day, and that would be beautiful.  You could love to read, ride dirt bikes, bake to your hearts content or do anything else, and you would have stolen our hearts.  You are me, and yet you are your own person.  That, the person you are is enough for me to have my heart stolen by you.

As you've grown, words are harder to find, emotions aren't as easy to share.  The laughs are still there, but sometimes not as hearty.  It's okay, it's a part of life.  However, I need you to know, you're still beautiful.

I still need you to know how precious you are, no matter the age.  I need you to know you still have me wrapped around your little finger.  I need you to know that the only opinion of you that matters is my opinion of you, you mothers opinion of you, and most importantly God's opinion of you.  I need you to know that wherever life leads you, I still love you.  All these words to express and yet I can't say enough.

Dear Beautiful Daughter, read these words as often as you need.  They will never change.  Their meaning will never be any different.  And, no matter what the world tells you, please know that you are my Beautiful Daughter.

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