Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hardcore Show, Softcore Lessons

Many of you know the love affair I have with music.  Well, maybe not a love affair.  Maybe it is more of my sometimes daily trip to the therapists office.  Yes, music is my therapy.  Mostly it is through streaming that music, sometimes via CD while home alone or in the vehicle, and every once is a while it is by attending a live concert.  Monday, I was blessed to go see a live show.

As a former promoter (who dreams of playing that roll again), I have seen numerous concerts.  Some of those concerts I saw from afar, some I only saw tending to the constant demands of being the promoter.  One of those shows I saw from a prone position in a prayer circle in a makeshift prayer room.  Still others I saw backstage.  And, as any promoter has the privilege of doing, I've taken in my fair share of concerts/festivals as a guest of somebody (promoter or band).  But, this is not about those concerts.  No, it is about the once concert I attended Monday night.

August Burns Red, Miss May I, NORTHLAND, and Fit For A King were featured Monday.  Being a resident of Cheyenne, a tour this big rarely, if ever, travels through town.  So, along with a friend and acquaintance, we made the trek down to Denver to take in this show.  Sweet show.  Enjoyed Fit For A King (better than expected).  NORTHLAND was a huge surprise for me, and I found them pretty darn good.  Miss May I is not for me.  I wasn't impressed.  Sure, they are for some people, but I am not one of them.  August Burns Red was my highlight.  If you ever want to take in a hardcore show and they are on the bill, I highly recommend going to see them.  I would put them in my Top 10 list of hardcore bands any fan of the genre should go see.  Of course, this post isn't a review either.  Nope, it isn't.  This is a post of a few observations from Monday night.  Some serious, mostly just things that caused me to chuckle.  Hopefully, I present my observations in a way that will cause you a chuckle as well.  Now, sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride of a hardcore concert through the eyes of me.

1. If you have ever been to a hardcore concert, you are familiar with the circle pit.  Which also means you are familiar with a mosh pit, stage dives and crowd surfing.  Riddle me this: why is it ALWAYS the big hairy sweaty dudes that take of their shirts thinking no one cares?  And, why are they always so eager to crowd surf?  Yeah, this is one reason I stay out of mosh pits.
2. Scene kids apparently believe they are entitled to the mosh pit.  Yes, you may have been waiting at the front of the line to get in the doors the second they opened, and yes, you had to go outside to get some fresh air after the first band.  But, you are now 5 songs in to the 7 song set of the second band, and returning from outside does not mean you are entitled to that spot you abandoned.  And please, for the love of my ribs, stop using your elbows to push your way back to that spot!!!  Okay, so I only got elbowed once, but one of the guys I was with was pushed and elbowed many times, including a couple times where beer spillage occurred (including once on me).
3. Amongst the items seen flying through the air: shirts, shoes and a couple bras.  Here I thought the throwing of bras was a thing reserved only for 80's hair bands.  Silly me.
4. Headbanging is a must for many in attendance.  So is drinking for those over 21.  I do neither.  I don't drink and my body is to old for headbanging.  However, the whole drinking while headbanging is a feat not easily done, especially for the guy in front of me.  The level of frustration over not being able to make solid beer can to mouth contact while moving head rapidly to the beat was too much for him, so he gave up...a lot...many times over.  Not sure if he ever finished the beer.
5. Apparently, all tall people migrate to the area in front of short people.  Yes, this happened on more than one occasion to me. 
6. Previous hardcore concerts I have attended have always had at least one band feature, "The Running Man," while on stage.  It is the only hardcore dance move that I not only know, but could actually pull off.  Monday was devoid of said move...until the second to last song pre encore.  I almost thought the days of hardcore were dead.  I was also ashamed that I would miss that little move.
7. People still haven't learned dress codes for concerts.  NEVER wear a band shirt of any of the bands on the bill.  Even if you buy one from their merch table before or during the concert, DO NOT put it on!  Nothing says, "I'm cool cause I'm wearing you product," by doing this.  It actually says, "I only wear this because I want to prove I'm a big fan but really know nothing about you."  Maybe I'm a snob, but I know I'm not the only one that feels this way.
8. Last but not least, band life is hard.  I see these guys on stage giving their all.  Sure, the accolades they receive are many while on stage and at their merch table.  But, what about before and after the show?  What about on the road?  They may see your tweet or post on Facebook, they may even retweet or respond.  But, how often do they do that?  How much support do they receive any time else?  Do you buy their merch?  Do you buy an album?  Or, do you put money in the tip jar?  Do you ever ask them how their day was or if they need a meal after the show?

Yeah, this is how my mind works.  Call me crazy, but I sure did enjoy all these matter how gross the thought of that big fat hairy guy that just rubbed sweaty belly to elbow/forearm with me is.

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