Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Songs

Tis the season!  Or, is it something else I should have opened with? Oh well. Whatever it is supposed to be, consider that is what I said.

The last few years I've posted songs daily leading up to Christmas. I've had some fun with this little exercise. Heck, the lady two years I've followed a 12 Days of Christmas pattern by paying the songs on the 12 days leading into and on Christmas. The songs had no rhyme or reason to them, except they were Christmas songs and they were/are some of my favorite tunes for the season.
So why am I telling you all this?  Yes, I'm doing the songs again, but this year there will be a reason for the season...I mean reason for the list.

Sure, the list will contain my favorite Christmas songs.  Yes, the song will be fun as well as hopefully inspirational.  Most importantly, this list will be one of songs that mean something to me.  Each song will have a meaning to them.  That meaning may be one of sentiment from years gone by, maybe a family song of today or one that means a lot to me and the Christ I call friend and savior.

Over the next few days I'll be busy spending free time, slow time and many other moments of the day compiling the massive list of fun and loved Christmas songs into a simplified list of songs meaningful to me.  The paring of songs might be more painstaking than enjoyable.  It is a task, however that must be done and will be done.  I'm not sure where I'll post this list, but it will be posted sometime before Christmas.  

As I leave you to begin this time consuming labor of love, I'll leave you a fun little tune from a fun loving band I had the privilege to meet and host for a concert.  The song is more tongue in cheek fun than truth, because it does snow in Charlotte,  Enjoy this song, and check back for my list.  Signing off for now, Aaron, with Philmont taking you out with, "It Never Snows in Charlotte."

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